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December 19 2017

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Get Wood For Projects From Your Own Trees

Woodworkers prefer to use better wood for their projects because it holds up over time. However, novice woodworkers might be concerned about the cost of the wood they need to make the project. If they live in an area where they have a number of trees on their property, they might think about using the trees to get the wood they need.

Clearing Out a Part of the Yard

If the homeowner is ready to clear a part of the yard anyway, they might consider having the trees cut to standard thicknesses and saving the wood for when they want to work on projects at home. They're already going to be taking down the trees, so they might as well get some use out of the wood from the trees and save some money the next time they want to work on a project.

Have the Trees Cut to Their Specifications

When the homeowner decides to have the trees cut into wood for their projects, they'll want to speak with the lumber mill in Baltimore County about what they need. If they have a specific project in mind, they can have the tree cut to the specifications needed. If they aren't sure what they want to do with the wood but want to save it for future projects, they can have the tree cut to standard sizes and save the wood for when they need it.

Sell Any Unneeded Trees

If the homeowner is clearing a number of trees in their yard, they might actually have too many and won't want to save all of the wood that's created from the trees. In this case, they might want to speak with the lumber mill about selling the trees they don't need. This could enable them to get the wood they need from some of their trees and perhaps make a little bit of money for the ones they do not need.

If you are going to be removing trees from your yard, consider saving some of the wood for a future woodworking project. Contact Edrich Lumber today to learn more about how they can cut the wood you need or find out if they will purchase the trees you do not need.

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